King Salmon…

blog2016#2As we wind down on our Fall King Salmon season, there are some developments, and plenty of things to think about.  Many know of the closure of most of the Oregon Coast streams.  A history making move from the state.  We are going to just throw some things out there over the next few days and weeks.  Just to get the word out, and food for thought.

Our salmon return here was off, by a large margin.  The salmon stocks to the Arctic, and beyond, is also low.  The Oregon salmon return, most certainly Kings, was the lowest we have ever seen.  Thus, a shortened season.  For us, as fishermen, it was a good move.  In fact, should have closed much earlier in our opinion.

As for the issues at hand.  Man, or we`ll just say people as a whole, are quick to judge, and put blame on others.  Whom ever that may be at the time.  For us, it is to evaluate the situation, observe, and attempt to inform and try and come up with a solution.  That being said.  We make our living off of a natural resource.  Also, we are sportsmen, and also environmentalists.  For us, it is the thrill of the hunt, and all tat goes with it.  We want to see nature, and all that goes with it for the rest of our lives, and beyond.  And, continue to have visits from all across the land, to experience it all with us…We have been part of many organizations of the years.  We won`t name any names, and they all have their place in the fishing industry, for us as fishermen.  However, in the grand scheme of things, it is always more beneficial to come together, as a general mass, and think, and plan, a look at the entire grand picture of things.  Will that happen?  One can only hope.  Will it not?  More than likely…

Here are some if the issues that impact our fisheries.  We encourage looking at the data, and statistics, plus whatever else you can find on water life…We all know what the first thing you think of, and what is generally said first…

In reality, the issues at hand, that impact or fisheries.  It is a giant potpourri of things, and melting in one pot, so to speak.

This is what we are dealing with.  Think about it.  Predation issues, Seals, sea lions, sharks, whales, and the like.  Bird populations on out migrating juveniles, invasive species, dams and barriers, water temperatures, radiation, dead zones, the blob, pollution, drugs and medications in the water, urban sprawl, over harvest, poachers, pirates, currents, climate change, live stock, irrigation, funding, production, hatchery issues, disease, and much more…

For now, we will be on our local streams, in our back yard, as volunteers, doing our best to collect data, and begin some sort of process to help get out fish on a rebound, and thrive…

More later on as we go…


Sleepy Hollow Update…

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Been super busy around here…Some major changes.  Moving stuff all around, and tons of prep for the fall season.  And, a new live in room mate and a super cool new lodging area.

Back to work now.  Here is a picture of the first night lighting of the new Sleepy Hollow Lodge and Glamp Site…P1010325


For The Time Being…

As it stands, we are in the middle of a super dry spell.  As we right this, many of the local streams are being closed, or there is talk of them being closed.  We are watching things closely, and are signed up for immediate updates.

Most all of the coastal streams are too low to float, with more hot and dry days ahead.  We are also noticing that the fish themselves are hunkering down.  The good results are mostly from Steelhead in all of the normal whitewater spots.

So, with this trend, and for us being environmentalists to a degree, this will be our last week of fishing until the fall.  Personally, we think many should do the same.  Let the fish be, let them be calm, and get them to survive.  Allowing them to rest and eventually spawn will be the best result.

For the rest of the summer, we will just focus on having some fun and running crabbing trips, and digging up clams.  We all love being out near the beach and enjoying the times dropping gear, and being cool in the fog.

If you are interested in summer crabbing, or want to get all signed up for fall chinook, give us a shout.  We can get it all set up.  As for the rest, we will not be booking any more fishing trips for the summer time.  In August, we will be running crabbing trips, as well as sea run cutthroat spinner trips, and Labor Day begins fall king salmon for us.  Hope to hear from you soon!100_0676


Memorial Day…

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Happy Memorial Day…

Thank you, to all who served and died for this country.  It allows us freedoms to do many things, that elsewhere, are not available.  Freedom is certainly not free!  From across the globe, those of whom lost their lives, as volunteers, you are not forgotten.  Many of us appreciate you, and your families for what you have done.

We will remain catching fish, and grill a nice dinner in your honor.  Salute!!!facebook profile


Summer Details…

Greetings All,

We are going to be super busy for most of the summer.  All of our posts, both here, and elsewhere will be super limited at best.  We have a ton of things going on.

If anyone need to get in touch with us, for fishing, crabbing, or gear, please call or shoot us an email.  All of our contacts are listed all over this site, as well as various others.  If you call, please leave a voicemail, and we`ll get back as quick as we can.

For now, hope to see you on the water, and have a wonderful summer!big chinooks 2016#7


Spring Time…

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We just entered Spring, although it does not feel very much like it, at the moment.  Cold, hail, wind, and another round of snow.  We are still in the Steelhead mode, with three weeks or so left.  Looks like a break in the weather coming up, which will be welcomed.  Some warm sun, that is very much needed.  Has been a winter of tons of cold and flu issues all around, including us.

As we finish the Steelhead season, we are looking forward to some sunny days, Spring Chinooks, and Summer Time crabbing.  Crabbing is always a big hit, and a ton of fun.  Start thinking about some summer outings with us.  Summer Salmon, clamming, crabbing, and eco tours.

For now, back to the river, waiting on the sun and warmth, and recover from this latest cold bug.  Had enough of the funk!IMG_1731


Cold Stuff…

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Been fishing some, and trying to be warm and dry.  Crazy stuff weather wise.  Fishing has been hit or miss, depending on the day, and timing.

Told you when the daffodils started blooming, it was going to get cold and snow…5-5-12 013pud contest


Return Of Winter!!!

Here we are…In the beginnings of the return of winter.  We had a couple of weeks of amazing weather.  Giving us a false sense of spring time.

Many of the plants have buds, and lots of the bulbs are out.  Told everyone it was going to snow, just as the daffodils get close to blooming.

This up and coming next few days look to be a little sporty.  Rain began yesterday, and tons of rain and wind today.  Snow level going to sea level, with a bunch of uncertain scenario`s.  For us, here in the coastal hollar, it is likely to blast us.  Just need to keep everything warm, and make sure we are all safe.  The funny part is, the vacationing neighbors are here.  They are way past due to see what the weather does around these parts.  Hope it just kicks our ass, so they get to freak out a little bit.  Enjoy, city dwellers!

For now, back to fishing, once the holiday weekend is gone.  Going to be an interesting one.  Cool, wet, white, blowy?  We`ll see.

For now, here is a nice pleasant, sunny, and warm shot from the other day.  P1010164