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We are near the end of an old year, and heading into the new.  2017 was full of events for us.  Some good, some not so much, and plenty of so,so in between.  Way too many things to list or talk about.  We`ll just leave it at that.  As we spend time on the river, I`m sure there will plenty of stories to tell.  Both about us, and about all of you.  The saying goes, everyone has a story to tell!  Trust us, when we tell you, we have many.

We are looking forward to a new year.  Yes, it is just another day, but it gives us some hope that things work out well.  Ready to spend as many days as we can on the water.  Fish, or no fish, we can`t think of anything better.

For now, Happy New Year!  We hope to see you all on the river with us, and in our boats.  Preferably with some fish on.cropped-021Website4.jpg

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