A Bit Damp…

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We`ll just call it moist…It is actually cranking rain!  Big, big rain…Sometimes it is coming straight up!

Currently it is a wash out.  All of the rivers around the area are blown out and muddy.  Likely for a few days again.  Should be fishing the middle of next week.  If anything, there should be some new fish.  This year, up to this point, fishing has been pretty good.  Healthy fish too.

The rest of the weekend, we are going to rest.  Seems I have bronchitis to a degree.  It actually is pretty bad.  Have some pipe cleaner coming home now for that.  Going to just chill, be warm, and eat.  Hugging the fire.  Hard for me to sit, but need to apparently.  Much easier when the weather sucks.

Been working on the Parkinsons gig, coming in April.  Lots of good response, and have a good batch of donations coming.  So, thats good!  All we need now, if some nicer weather, and we can finally rig a brand new boat!

As for the rest, there are all kinds of neat things going on around here.  Lots of stress, anxiety, and changes.  Many of the fishing crowd seem to be having issues as well.  Trying hard to relax, be patient, and let things roll as they may.

Sportsmans shows are in full swing.  We will be at the Portland Show in a couple of weeks.  Hoping Sara can go some too, but that is another story…We will be all over the place, working in different area`s.  Mostly in the St.Croix Rods booth.  So, make the effort to hunt us down and say hello.  Also, moving around to various other places, including the foundation booth, with Rick.  Please swing by them, and see what the buzz is about.  It is a good thing!  Happy to help out, see as many faces at the show we can, mess around with cool rods, and good people…

For now, here we are.  Watching it rain, trying to get a TV channel to watch, and work on here.  Get rid of the chest and lung crud, and just be for a little bit…blognewyearseve#2

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