A Wonderful Day!

Today, was a major milestone, and “History”…Perhaps we will see a stark change in our lives as we know it.  For the good of all hard working, and struggling families.  Our story and words of wisdom could continue, but we are not willing to go further, and end up in some type of debate.  So, we will just end it there.

For the rest, of history, this weekend, Sara and I will be home, by ourselves for the most part, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.  A major milestone in itself.  Some of you know us well, and about our stories of life.  Many do not.  Life has it`s up`s and down`s, so does a relationship.  At times a struggle, other times are great!  Saying you are going to quit is easy, fighting for an oath is hard.  For us, after over 25 years together, we are going to watch TV, be quiet, and have pizza and beer!

For the rest, we are on a path of changes and newness.  New careers, new objects to arrive, and hopefully, a ton of new fish and new customers.  If you would like to be a part of our lives, and spend some time on the river, let us know.  We love meeting new people, and getting to know everyone else`s stories.

For now, Happy Anniversary To Us!  Yep…big chinooks 2016#7

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