April Fools Week!

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It is the first full week of April.  There are still a bunch of fish around, and sounds like spring chinook fishing up north has been pretty good.

  To update all.  I had to cut my Steelhead season a little short this spring.  I have been having some joint issues, and have been looking for answers for a few months.
  Last Thursday, I had major shoulder surgery, to repair significant tears and damage.  I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful surgeon and group of people who, quite frankly, really know their shit.  And do an amazing job!  I was in, and taken care of.  Had the weekend to attempt to rest, but found it difficult to sleep or rest for various reasons.
  I was totally off all medication two days later, and remain that way.  Although still finding it hard to rest and sleep.  This last Monday, I was giving mobility tasks for the week, and was able to remove the sling and harness.  It is fascinating that the harness was not needed in a matter of days.  Although, many would continue to use it as a vice, and also the meds.  But, I want to heal, and heal quickly.
  I am still swollen, and sore.  My attitude is tough.  I am emotional, and also angry.  Simply because of the pain.  I have been hurt for so long, and now want some relief.
  I am taking all of the necessary measures to heal.  Tons of vitamins, and herbs.  Seeing Takashi for accupuncture, and his witches brew too.  Eating like a pig!  And, for those that know us, I quit smoking almost two months ago!  Yay me!
  So, there is the update for now.  I will do my best to keep everyone hip as needed.  For now, I am focused on healing, and preparing.  My goal is to have total mobility back by the end of April.  Weight training after that, and back to work for summer.  I will, hopefully be fishing June 1st.  Crabbing early May.  So, if anyone wants to BS me, and talk about fishing options for summer, fall, and even Alaska, now is a good time to call and talk to me.
  For now, life goes on!
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