April Showers…

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We have some of the normal spring rain now.  It is nice!  Not too hot, not too cold, just pleasant, with the sound of drops on the house and plants outside.

Steelhead for the winter and spring is over for us now.  Had some good times, and some not so much.  Good fishing for the most part though.  As we round the corner into late spring and early summer, we can finally get some warm sun, and get over the winter crud.  Lots of illness for many this winter, including us.  Plenty of transitions here, and beginning the focus on the summer season.  We are rebuilding the website, if you have`nt noticed already.  Social media sites have been changed some, and some new ones added.  Sara remains focused on finding the perfect job for the end of here career, and doing well.  Vinny is heading into his summer antics.  Killing and pillaging the land of the rodent.

As we enter the warmer and longer days of summer, we are going to work hard on the property, as well as others.  Getting everything re done on the marketing end, and fishing as much as we can.  Fall will be here soon, so filling the calendar for that is important.  The garden is coming along, and the flowers are coming out.  Going to be busy, and looking forward to spending some time relaxing too.  Want to enjoy the moment as best we can.

Look for continued updates as we head to summer…Cheers for now!P1000768

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