April…Week 2.

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Seems the surgery went well.  The only trouble was lack of sleep.  Spoke with the crew, and decided to double down on muscle relaxers.  It worked wonders.  For the first time since getting filleted, I slept.  As of late, mobility is coming back, and as of today, pain is much less.  Still sore, but not nearly as dramatic.  I am pushing limits, as I was told to do.  Stitches are out, wound looks really good, and the fly bandages will likely fall off tomorrow.   So, making progress.  Amazing what some “good” rest does for repair.

  As for the rest…The up and coming summer season is coming together.  Have some of the days booked for summer fishing, and some crabbing too.  Can`t complain, after the winter we had, and getting hurt.
  The fall season is looking really good.  We have about ten days left to fill, so if you want a day, might want to get in touch.  Some will be disappointed, and will be booked for 2015.  Been a while since this has happened.  There are a few more that are supposed to fill in, so we shall see.  Would love to be totally full by the end of the week.
  For now, continue to push on, recover, and get some things moving again.  Not long from now, we will be floating around doing something.  Atleast we are eating well.
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