Blazin` Hot!

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There have been a few updates to the site.  We have some new groups we have become affiliated with.  Another place for some really good glasses.  And super good people to work with.  We are very impressed.  Who knows, maybe someday we will design our own line.  We mentioned a new rod company, so we added the link to St Croix rods as well.  So, check them out.

Also, we have been big fans of good food, for most of our lives.  Last holiday season, we ended up getting ourselves a treat for Christmas.  It ended up being an amazing connection.  We found, what we believe, is the very best beef products you can buy.  And, the best dogs and sausages we have ever had.  Expensive, yes…Worth it?  Without question.  Dry aged, and blends of burger to die for.  Melt in you mouth, for real.  We ended up becoming well aquainted.  Please look at LaFrieda Meats.  Absolutely amazing meat, and again, fabulous people to work with, and ordering is super easy.

Now, over the years, we have become “friends”, with many.  So, no excuses for not finding what you want, when it comes to what we use around here.  Clothing, shades, food, skin care, and the list goes on…

If you would like to see what its like to have an amazing grilled burger, or steak on the river, we would be happy to show you.  The request has to be a couple of weeks before your trip, to ensure it is here, and ready for you.  This is by order only, and there will be an added fee to your fishing cost.  Again…More than worth it!  Besides, it gives us a chance to rest, and tell neat stories during lunch…

Going to be a very hot and uncomfortable week for us.  Nearly 100 each day.  No good!  Be safe, and try to enjoy atleast part of your week, despite the heat.

I Can Make It!

I Can Make It!

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