Many of you have noticed the site changes.  It is still, you might say, under construction.  We are fine tuning everything, and also having to work with another admin to get things right.  A little longer and we should be close to finished.

As for the rest, all kinds of craziness going on all around, and on top of us.  As we move into summer time, and things settle out some, we`ll give you some of the latest.  Summer fishing for Kings and Summer Steelhead is just around the corner.  The last couple of trips next week for the remaining spring Steelhead.  Checked out the crabbing scene, and the changes in the bay the other day.  Blew the winter funk out of the sled and have here all ready to go.  The bay changed here some.  Lots of activity, but still slow for crab, and about another week to go to see some numbers of the Chinooks.  Let us know if you want to go!P1000778