Cold Snap 2013…

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Looks like we are on the down hill slide of this super freeze.  One more day of it, and a night.  Been brutal on us.  The typical cranky, irritated, pissed off moods.  Along with the endless work around the place, and being married to the wood stove.  The super cold nights seized the gauges and the pressure valve on the pump house.  On the third night, the gauge broke.  So, another neat bill and fix that is needed.  Kept it as warm as we could, and tried not to kill one another.  And, keep the kitty from going crazy.  He ventured a little today, but still does not like the snow much.  He is a tender foot!
So, as we get out of all of this, we are going to head to the river.  There are some fish here, and should be a bunch as the river rises and warms.  Still super worn out and tired from this stuff, but we are ready to break out of “cabin fever”…Enjoy the rest of the week, and we will give you the latest as things calm.

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