Come On Fall…

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We just finished our summer fishing.  A little early this year.  More time to totally heal up, and work or numerous chores and details around the house.
  The new surprise will be here soon, and we plan on getting everything ready for the fall.  Some fun fishing, and some crabbing to come.  Food prep and egg curing to come.
  Vinny is coming into his own, Sara is close to a needed break from work, and the yard is turning into the jungle we are wanting. 
  Most of the surgery bills have been paid, recovery is coming together a little more, although slower now.  Much improved.
  For now, taking a break from the blog, social network, and on the computer for the most part.  If you need to get in touch, the old fashioned way is our way, for the current times.  So, please give us a real phone call, or stop on by.
  See you in the “FALL”!!!

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