Dodging Heat!

In a little bit of a hot weather streak.  For us, we don`t do very well in heat.  Becomes uncomfortable quickly, and we have a tendency to hurt from it.  Both of our families are that way.  Have some Montana blood, but it still does`nt help much.  We do our best to stay out of the direct sun, and hole up quite a bit.

Been fishing some.  Catching some here and there.  Crabbing is getting a little better.  Chores are getting completed around the place, although slowly with the booming sun.  Once we get the direct hit, we stop.  Lot`s more to do, but we are getting there.  Garden is coming along nicely too!

Fall bookings are going well.  Just waiting on a few of the crew to make their decisions, and we`ll be in pretty good shape.  So, can`t complain.  All of the changes are beginning to gel together.  Just a couple more pieces to put in place, and we should be good…

All for now.  Going to finish up for a bit, get back on the water some, and looking forward to the cool down and showers for the rest of the week.  P1000264 (1)

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