Done, Done, and Done!!!

It`s official now!  We are done with Fall Chinooks.  It was a strange season for sure.  Some highs and lows for sure.  A little drama here and there, with some really whacky weather too.  Fishing for us was either really good, or really poor.  Rarely did we have just an average day.  Ended up with the flu for a few days, and lost a handful of days because of that, and blown out river conditions.

Currently, we have the biggest rain of the entire year!  Major rain, with some wind too.  Every creek is total mud, including ours.  The rocks are even rolling under the house.  Been a while since we have had that.

Most of the remaining fish, that were in the river, vanished last week.  Boat has been cleaned, and is sitting, slowly getting ready for the winter.  As the storms roll in, we will be sitting here warm, and tying leaders and getting ready.

Going to shoot pictures over time here now.  Did`nt really take that many to be honest.  There was a lot going on, and blew up one of our camera`s.  Figured we would be in too deep, if we broke the good one.  We`ll also do a photo album on Facebook too, so you can see.  Hope the holiday season is treating you well.  Now off to prep the smoker and the fish for canning!blogfall2014#11

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