Early Freeze…

Crumby weather today.  We cancelled the day today.  Here, we are iced over.  Everything has a nice coating of freezing rain.  Traffic is light, but the road is alright.  Started to thaw a bit ago.  All of the wires, trees and bushes are flattened.

For today, working on gear, cooking good food, and keeping the fire stoked.  Everyone is home and safe.  Thankfully, it was`nt as bad as it could have been.  Two more weeks of Fall Chinooks, then Steelhead season.  This last push will be nice and cold and damp, so we should all be good and exausted here shortly…Be safe the rest of the week, and we will return shortly with the final season shots, and info…We have some neat new sayings for sure.  We`ll share later on for some grins.



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