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Today is Good Friday.  Sunday is Easter.  This has been a hard week.  Healing was going well, and pain and soreness was getting better.  As the week went on, there were some set backs.  A couple of odd moments, and of course, traveling to do some chores and shopping was a pain.
As the weekend comes, we will be resting as much as we can.  I had a huge round of treatment today, and am going to re new my routine of herbs, vitamins, and tons of juice and food.  Work on mobility, and see if I can get over the hump.  Even still, I am only three weeks from getting filleted. 
Things are going well for the up and coming seasons.  Alaska is yet to be determined.  But, as you can tell, it is certainly on our minds.  Especially Reds.  There is just something about thousands of fish marching by in a day, and being jammed into upper holes to near suffocation.  Not to mention constant action.
Getting things ready for the summer fishing, and for the fall.  Been doing some new things for baits, so looking forward to that.  And, so neat developments for us, and the future.  
So, we are just waying the good with the bad.  Minds are strained for sure, and remaining calm through healing is difficult at best.  Hoping to see some major improving within a short period of time.  A round of doctors visits coming right up, so a plan will be set for the future.
For now, Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and please remember what it really is, other than furry little animals and candy!

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