Fall 2014 New Addition…

We finally got our new computer.  It took a while.  Money, and Sara doing a ton of research.  A long learning curve for sure.  There are a lot of changes, and programs, that neither of us understand.

But, we can finally start updating our pictures and video`s.  We heard from a lot of people about updating this blog.  Many, apparently did`nt understand.  It is difficult to do, when you can`t!  This year cost us a lot of money, and had to stop the bleeding.  Would have been happy to lay down a bunch of pictures, but Santa Claus didn’t bring us any presents.  There is that detail.

It will take a little time on getting photo`s ready with this new thing, so will do our best.  We have been fishing since the first week of September, every day, except Sunday of course.  Schedule was full, with the exception of getting the flu, and a couple of blown out river days.  Some days were good, and some slow.  Many old customers and friends have re emerged since the economy issues.  So, getting to see some old faces again.  That’s good!  Another month to go for Fall fish, then onto winter fishing.  Been a very long year for us, on many levels.  For now, enjoy the very first shot, and first post on a new computer.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and up and coming week.  If you`ll excuse me now, I`m going to check out the back of my eyelids.

Good Fishy

Good Fishy

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