Fall Chinooks 2014

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We have been checking on several situations for the summer and fall fishing seasons.  As of the latest, there is some word about this coming fall.  Seems there is a phenomenon coming this year.  Word is, and we might add, all of the reports are similar, that, we are going to have a huge run of Fall Chinooks.  Not just the big river, but the entire North Coast.  This is “Great” news!  Last year, despite odd weather, was really good.  Would love to see anything, even remotely close to 2007…So…We are going to fish the rest of this Winter season, to the end of March.  Some up and coming events are going to keep us off the water until some time around mid June.  And, some serious prep work for the Fall.  We are about 2/3 full for the Fall right now, and want to be full by June.  If anyone else out there wants to go, get in touch, and we`ll make it happen.  There is your report!

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