Fall Fishing 2014

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Been a while.  We have been very busy.  We had some issues over the last while.  Computer is still questionable as well.  New one soon, as soon as we are caught up on all of the bills, and people get off our ass.  Thats what happens when you are in and out of the hospital, since March, and are self imployed!

Yes…We are fishing!  Yes, we are catching fish.  Our schedule is totally full for the season.  Cannot complain, except for those that find it necessary to cancel at the last minute.  Either way, breaks from time to time is fine, and this season hopefully goes as planned, and we can catch up on everything.

After a series of delays, D-Day was finally delivered.  She was literally thrown into the fire in a matter of hours.  As mentioned, driver is out.  We have new pictures of her fishing, and so on.  Later on!

Now, we have people coming from all over.  Fishing through November, pretty much straight.  So, for those that think we fell off the planet, we are still around.  For the haters, we did not quit, and won`t quit, until we are dead.  We are just really busy, and have a lot of messes to clean up, things to buy, and attempt to remain healthy.

For now, keep on moving along, we will be in touch soon.  Here “fishy fishy”…

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