Fall King Salmon 2017

We are getting ready to start our Fall season of 2017, for King Salmon.  We have a few seats left available for tide water bobber fishing, and spinning herring.  Our boat is nice a big, plenty of room for you and a couple of friends, and super comfy.  Why not come and spend a couple of days at the coast, and stay at one of many spots near the beach?  Autumn colors, great places to stay, good local foods and eateries, and most of all, great fish and fishing!

Contact us for a Fall Salmon trip!  We can be reached in several different ways.  Here on the website on our contact page.  A general email at, through Yelp, Facebook, and Google Plus.  And, the good old fashioned telephone.  503-392-5808blogoctober20154-300x217blog20151-244x3009-2-15-fb-206x300

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