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We have just a handful of days left for Fall Chinooks…If you want to finalize the schedule for the most spectacular season, please get in touch…Looks to be one of the best returns in recent memory, so don`t miss out.

  As for the rest.  Tested out the local creek today.  There are some fish here, but still a little early.  Water was a good color, but still a little high from the recent Thunder hits.
  Mostly just testing out body and strength.  It can be done, but unpleasant.  Still weak, and really tender.  We`ll give it a little bit longer.  Cannot really feel the screws holding everything together, but muscles are not even close to the same.  Get rid of the constant pain, and should be good.
Just nice to be on the river, and enjoy the sights and smells for sure.
  But, like we said.  Have some days left for the fall, and a few days available for the summer.  Looks like Alaska is out for us this year.  So, if anyone wants to slot fish in late June, or early July, let us know.
All for now.  Still cannot post new pictures, and am working on getting everything put together.
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