Fishing? Pfft…

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So, here we are.  Posted some pictures for the Hell of it.  I guess it is some onset of stress and anxiety.  We are just beginning to dry out some, and now we have more wet weather on the way.  So many things are compromised.  Hill sides, creeks and rivers, and many of the roads.  Flood watch is once again on tap.  Sara remains in the valley, doing her best to stay calm and always super dedicated to her job.  Always something.  We just hope, or you atleast hope that the company would take care of some of the people.  Small gestures go a long, long way.

Fishing remains on hold.  Some of the creeks are trying to clean up, but with the up and coming rain, we will again be waiting.  The highway here remains closed.  So, getting to and fro remains a challenge at times.  Looking forward to the middle of next week.  Some visitors coming and going, everyone here safe, and a bunch of cooking for sure.  You know? That gourmet stuff that just magically lands on your plate to enjoy!blog2015#1

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