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We are getting a bunch of inquiries.  All about the heat, warm water, and closures.  As it stands, all tide area`s remain open.  Off shore in certain area`s and for certain species, also remain open.  Up to this point, our fall salmon season is a go ahead.  Crabbing and shell fish is also open.  There are many closures across the state, and also certain time restrictions.  To find all of the details, and latest information, you can go to the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife web pages, and take a look.  You can access a demographic, close to your area, and get daily updates on what is happening.  Either way, showing some care, regardless of where you plan to fish, or hunt for that matter is good.  Everything is super dry, so caution on all levels.

For now, keep us in mind for anything you might like to do on the water.  Our Fall is going to be good, and we are really looking forward to it.  Getting into some recovery from Alaska, getting some food stocked up, and bookings are good.  Canning fish, and all kinds of other things.  So, we`ll be warm and eating well this winter.

As for the developements with the weather, the fishing and the hunting.  There is a world at your fingertips to read.  Of course, everything is subject to change.  We just recommend caution on all levels at this point, and for our future resources.

There you have it!  If anyone has further questions, let us know.  We`ll do our best to point you in a beneficial direction.

Vincent "Bullet Tooth"

Vincent “Bullet Tooth”

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