For The Time Being…

As it stands, we are in the middle of a super dry spell.  As we right this, many of the local streams are being closed, or there is talk of them being closed.  We are watching things closely, and are signed up for immediate updates.

Most all of the coastal streams are too low to float, with more hot and dry days ahead.  We are also noticing that the fish themselves are hunkering down.  The good results are mostly from Steelhead in all of the normal whitewater spots.

So, with this trend, and for us being environmentalists to a degree, this will be our last week of fishing until the fall.  Personally, we think many should do the same.  Let the fish be, let them be calm, and get them to survive.  Allowing them to rest and eventually spawn will be the best result.

For the rest of the summer, we will just focus on having some fun and running crabbing trips, and digging up clams.  We all love being out near the beach and enjoying the times dropping gear, and being cool in the fog.

If you are interested in summer crabbing, or want to get all signed up for fall chinook, give us a shout.  We can get it all set up.  As for the rest, we will not be booking any more fishing trips for the summer time.  In August, we will be running crabbing trips, as well as sea run cutthroat spinner trips, and Labor Day begins fall king salmon for us.  Hope to hear from you soon!100_0676

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