Good Times!

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Sitting here today, because I`m supposed to.  Been having issues with breathing, and dizziness off and on since shoulder surgery.  Spent the other night in the hospital.  Had every test done known to man really.  Heart is good, lungs are clear, all panels are clean.  But, have inflamed lung and tube canals.  It hurts terribly, and cannot get a deep breath.  No Good!  Was not going to say anything, but Sara decided to tell the world…So, there you go…

Over the weekend was our 18th anniversary.  It was tough for me, because of the crud, but we went out.  Rare for us.  We used to go have a bite to eat, and watch a movie.  So, we did just that.  A supper, really a lunch at a new place in town, then saw a mid day flick.  That was the extent of our celebration…

As for fishing, we were on the creek, but, as mentioned, the week was cut short by illness.  We were getting some, but the river is getting lower, and clear.  There are fish around, but the pressure has been heavy.  So, we catch one here and there, with nothing extraordinary.  For now, we are out for a bit.  Need to heal up, then move along.  Hopefully good to go in a timely manner…



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