Got Storms?

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We are in the beginnings of a round of storms.  Big rain, and heavy winds.  Everything is secure around here.  Just got through round one.  Tonight is supposed to be a little sporty!

Phone is ringing for Winter fishing, and also for the fall, fire is going in the house, and in the shop.  Vinny is crapped out on the couch, doing what cats do best.  So, cannot complain.  Hanging out, working on gear, paying all of the bills, and getting ready for a run to town.  A nap, and it will be a perfect world.

After the storms, we`ll just have to go out, and see how many new Steelhead are around.  Still a bunch of silvers around, and some spawning here at the house.

For now, going to hunker down and make sure the kitty is fed, and the house is warm, and wait for the next storm.  Here is another cool shot from the Fall.  Col. D. With yet another nice fish!  If you put your time in with us, I guess you get rewarded.  Stay dry!IMG_0654

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