Hang On Tight!

We are in the beginning stages of a major wind event.  There is every kind of warning you can think of on us here at the coast.  Rivers are high, and off color some, so no worries on fishing.  We are supposed to see winds around 80mph or so here.  But, there are rumors of 100 plus.  They claim the rain is not an issue.

So, we have everything taken care of outside.  Atleast as best we can.  Fire is going, house is warm, food is cooked.  Little kitty is inside, although a little irritated.  We are certainly on edge.  More drama with Sara at work too, so it is a tense filled day.

Bookings are getting better each day.  Nice to have the phone ring with people interested.  Fall season seems to be the draw right now, and getting close to half full or so.  That is a good thing.

Looks as if we will be at the Portland Sportsmans Show off and on.  If you plan on attending, keep a look out for us.  We will likely be in the St. Croix booth, most of the time.

For now, we will be in touch after this “event” is over.  Hoping for minimal damage.  We are going to hunker down now!IMG_0652

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