Happy New Year!

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Want to wish everyone a Happy New Year…Lets all hope that 2015 is a good one.  2014 was full of all kinds of strange things.  It taxed us out terribly.  A lot of drama, testing times, surgeries, and other daily life issues.  Sometimes it is a wonder how we survive…

The last couple of days, we survived the crazy cold weather.  As this is written, it is 24 degrees.  The phrase of the day yesterday was, balmy…It was somewhere around 30 or so when he said it, and the sun was hitting us square on.  It was nice, but far from tropical!  There are some fish around, but acting kind of wierd.  After the big flood stuff, and now East winds and cold temps.  Hopefully this pattern breaks soon.  It has a tendency to hurt, being dressed to the max and all hunched up…

For now, Thank You, to all of our customers, and friends.  Your support is all we can ask for, and more meaningful to us than words can express.  Please stay in touch, and we will do the same.  Have a good holiday!

Now, off to go get more firewood!blognewyear2014

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