Happy Thanksgiving!

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Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving week.  We have not done a lot of posts lately, for various reasons.  The main reason, is our super computer is sick, and needs to go to the doctor.  With our schedule, we have`nt had the chance to get it to town and get it fixed.  So, no new pictures for a while.  You`ll just have to suffer through some older ones for now.

As for fishing…Just finished up Fall Kings.  It was, lets just say, interesting.  We are getting all prepped and ready to go for the winter.  Steelhead it is!  We are supposed to start on Thanksgiving day.  Our annual fishing day tradition.  But, big rain a comin`, and it will likely be out of shape.  Our back up plan was to go crabbing.  Also, a but…It is now currently closed thanks to some toxin.

As we head into the holidays, we hope to relax some, fish when we can, and most certainly watch some football.  Legs is put to bed for the winter, and the driftboat is ready.  A few more leaders to tie, and away we go.

Be safe, eat well, be happy, and the food is exactly the way you like it!july132011 004

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