In Like A Lion…

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We are into the first week of March now.  The month is coming in like a lion.  Big rain, heavy winds, and heavy river flows.  Looked at the creek this morning, and just turned around, dropped off the guys and headed home.  But, of course, there were a couple of boats taking peoples money for nothing.  We all need the money, but there is a line for us.  I would rather move the day, if I can, and keep the guys and gals happy.  Rather than a quick pay check, having people be miserable in marginal conditions and stormy weather.  And, have them come back some other time.

  As it stands, last week was really good.  A ton of fish around.  Which makes it even worse.  Lots of fish, but rivers on the rise and out of shape.  Likely the local creeks will be out atleast until the weekend.  And, we have a full schedule too.  Neat!
  We have a series of wet storms coming as we speak.  The web is full of updates, and warnings.  Looks likely everything will be wet, blowy, and out for the time being.
  The schedule is full, up until the end of the month.  Hope to get most of them in.  As for updates on the conditions, and the fishing, we are going to change things up some.  There are a ton of people looking at the site, and looking for information about the river, and catches.  It has become more obvious that when we start ripping fish, everyone shows up.  So, we will do a weekly result on both our sites, and social media, at the ends of each week.  Pretty much done giving out free information, and having others float around us, to learn our little super spots.  Not too concerned about being in front, or behind anyone.  Our bait, and technique is better anyway…
  As the storms hit us one after the other.  We are going to hug the fire, do the chores, and be a good house wife and cook.  We may post some pictures just for fun later on.
  For the rest, we should be here waiting for the weather to break.  So, if you want to book some time for Summer fishing, or for Fall Chinooks, just give us a call, and we can talk about it.
 Have a good week!
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