Independence Day Weekend…

Want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.  Hope you all have a safe, and pleasant weekend.  All of these types of holidays are important to us, as a family.  We appreciate everyone who have fought for, been injured, or have died for our country.  It is important! And, to us, more so as time goes on.  Please consider thanking someone you love, and a veteran if at all possible.  Some kindness and being thoughtful can go a long way.

For us, we want to personally thank each and every member of the armed forces, and certainly the ones who have died for us, and their families.  Those closest to us, you know who you are! Know that we are thinking of you.  In our circle, we have connected with many, of each branch…We look at the pretty colors of exploding sky shows as importance.  Cheers! With a cold beverage in your honor.  As we sit quietly at home.  This fish is for you!big chinooks 2016#7

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