Yes, we have been quiet.  Although, we have been busy.  We have been crabbing, fishing, and all kinds of other odds and ends.  Yard looks really good, and for the most part, the weather has been pleasant.  Winter wood is nearly done.  Shed is full, and we have a couple more permit loads to get home for extra.

Since everyone seems to have fallen off the planet, we are making an adjustment.  Another couple of weeks here at home fishing, then off to somewhere else we go.  It will be a ton of work, as always, but a needed break from whatever is going on here.  Fall bookings are looking good, and we are looking forward to it.  So, with all of the hustle and bustle, that is why we are remaining under the radar…

For now, have a good summer, and we will visit from time to time.  Sara is now in charge of the online stuff, social media, website, and trip bookings…

Soon!  Very Soon!

Soon! Very Soon!

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