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Continuing on with certain details that affect our fish.  Frankly, it affects our way of life and part of what the Pacific Northwest is all about.

We have seen many things change over time due to urban sprawl.  Most all of what the history of the Northwest once was, has been compromised.  The way we log, mills, fishing, hunting, public land access, stream access, and everything in between.

Seems that the all mighty dollar has created many issues.  The main issue, in our opinion, is that society exists strictly based off of metropolitan area proper.  The rest of the people that live outside of that demographic don`t exist.  People who work in the city, reside in the city, commute in the city for hours on end, are the only that matter.  Outside of the city is either, does`nt matter, or is a dumping ground.  Fair game so to speak.  Trespass, dump trash, shit, piss, dump animals, whatever.  Just today, was a prime example.  Fence, gate, no trespass signs, and all of that.  Hey, let`s just park right here, in front of this mail box, next to this sign, in this driveway, and go fish a closed stream!

Urban sprawl is a melting pot of issues.  Toxic in many ways.  Habitat degradation is a main source.  Takes away nature.  Generates heat.  Takes away from natural run off, and the run off that happens, over flows sewer system, and adds more pollutants to water than we can list.  We`ll just say, from concrete and asphalt, to pesticides, drugs, and far beyond that.

Tree`s and plant life suffer, animals and birds suffer, and certainly fish suffer, both as adults and as juveniles.  And, in many cases, the critters get stressed and shocked, by the sheer amount of noise and vibrations of the city, freeways, and so on.

As the city proper expands, much is compromised.  The list of issues is long.  Infrastructure cannot replace what has been taken.  Native plants taken away, to be replaced by a hard surface, and outsourced invasive flora.  So to speak.  As we move out further, we also seem to think that animals infringe on our turf.  Could not be further from the truth.  We infringe on them.  You see, we are woodsmen.  And want to keep it that way.

There are ways to help, but many factors have to come into play to make sure nothing suffers.  The best approach, is to figure out how to get all things to thrive, with zero impact.  Humans are supposed to be smarter than anything alive.  However, it sure seems that is not the case.  Move away from the pull of the dollar, and think about what is right.fall 2010#4 019

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