Labor Day Weekend…

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The masses are here at the beach.  Closed roads, closed parking lots, massive grid lock, and whatever else you can think of.  Seems most ran to the beach for the long weekend.  Beating the heat, no doubt, but getting away from the smoke is nearly impossible.  Super stale air.  No breeze, gloomy, and just down right uncomfortable…

On the lighter side, fishing is picking up.  Should get better as soon as we see some clouds and cooler temperatures.  The cool days sure sound good.  Crabbing in all of the bays is excellent.  In fact, some of the very best we have ever seen, and many would tell you the same.  We are looking forward to Autumn for sure.  Cooler days, and able to relax some from the heat tension.

Been working on our new guide boat too.  She has been named the SS Donald J Trump.  She is 12 feet long, and has a riveted hull.  15 horses of massive power.  She has a new graph, with a dead battery.  Clamp on navigation lighting, an clamp on seating.  Just enough room for a small dog, or a cat in our case.  She has freshly wrapped oars, with no oar locks, and we can`t forget an entirely new wiring harness on the trailer.  That story is a little long.  She is all parked and ready to go, except for the extensive list of things to do, once the parts arrive.

We are actually just helping out a long time customer an friend.  Ain`t she a beauty? !!!! Can`t forget the shop rag flag!  She`ll be profiling in tidewater soon.  If you see her, make sure to salute.P1010076

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