Last Week Of April…

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We are nearing the end of April.  The weather is the typical Spring Time stuff.  Wet, sun, cool, warm, and breezy.  It`s all good.  Finished the week with another exam from the surgeon.  All went well.  Totally ahead of the curve.  Continued mobility excersizes and now stretching.  With the results, there will not be a therapist involved.  All me!  Three more weeks of this stuff, then some strength stuff, and good to go.  Very Impressive.  Not bad for two totally torn tendons, full retraction, repair sutures and screws.  In four weeks.
As for the rest!  Lots of comments on us, the website, and other area`s.  For those of you that know us, know we have a ton of integrity, do not lie, and are scared and threatened by nothing.  Certainly not by someone who feels the need to bash.  Does`nt bother us at all.  Our network is large.  And, if you make a comment toward us, atleast get the facts straight, which you did not, and if you pay attention a little more carefully, you will know there were no names mentioned in “river concerns”…Atleast you dropped names.  You know why people talk behind your back?  Because they are behind you!  The fact is, it always comes down to jealousy and envy, and you cannot please everyone.
Moving on from that.  We are professional, and far from new to fishing.  This blog is to express thoughts, to inform, and have fun.  Everyone likes to see pictures, and to further experience a memory.  It will remain that way.  The funny part, is that many look at our pages to see what is going on, and enjoy the site.  Over 500 a day in fact!
For the rest, we have a ton of plans coming up.  Continued recovery, not just for us, but for several of our good friends.  Some traveling, and building of new stuff, sending people to the airport for up North seasons, and some much needed water time for us.  There you go!  Some drama, but mostly “Good”, for a change!

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