May Day…

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Today is the 1st of May.  The un-official start to our summer season.  Of course, there all of the rallies, and gatherings.  Everyone wants something!  We want a nice summer.  Plenty of fish, good crabbing, pleasant weather, and time well spent around the fire pit.  As we head into summertime, we are seeing the first of the coastal Chinooks.  Crabbing has been really good, clamming is good too.  Just need our new boat to get back from the doctor.  She is getting a re-do, and all pimped out.

This weekend, we are going to lay low, and get our garden seeds planted, and the plot prepared.  Shop detail is going well, so will continue on that as well.  Next week, it is here fishy fishy!  Have a wonderful weekend…15

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