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P1000781Another season in the books.  Steelhead season is done for us.  Another week or so, and Summer Kings.  No Alaska this year for us.  We had some tentative plans, but with the recent events, it is on hold.  Tons of changes…

The dock has been moved, and some of the repairs are complete.  Some extra love and care, and a good cleaning, and she is good to go.  Property is getting cleaned up from winter, and the creek is being repaired.  Looking good on that, with some more to go, and some fine tuning.  If all goes well, we`ll get some lumber soon, and get everyones surprise present done for the summer and fall.  It`s a secret.  Guys are giving us a bunch of spinner orders, so that`s good.  And…The greatest news of all.  Sara has a new job, and she is really excited.  She will share the news soon.  So, she has the floor on the blog for a bit, and has some pictures to share too…

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