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Well, it appears that there is no longer any secrets.  We find it interesting, how you say nothing, and all of the sudden, everyone knows.  Everyone talks behind your back, often, and yet, they follow you more!  People are so funny sometimes.

Anyway…I had major surgery at the end of March.  Two complete tendon tears, with 2 inch retraction in my shoulders.  I was released in ten weeks.  Pain is to subside in 6 months to a year.  That is one event.

We helped develop new rods for a company, and kind of got shut out of the mix.  If we become involved in the future, it is up to them.  So, during a search, and some conversations with some old friends, we were fortunate to get on the pro team for St Croix Rods.  Actually, pretty cool for us.  Something to experiment with, and learn.

Next, we were contacted again, to see if we wanted to become involved with Yo Zuri.  This is in the beginning stages.  They are going through some major changes, and asked us if we wanted to come back, and be part of the team.  Absolutely!  But, yet to be seen if we get treated well, and it becomes what it once was.  In the past, we met some amazing people, and got a couple of super good friends out of it.  Not to mention amazing line.  We shall see…

As we have mentioned before, our driver is out on our computer.  So, we cannot publish any “New” pictures at the moment.  With surgery, and a bunch of other issues, we have become even more poor.  We are going to get a new computer shortly.  Just trying to find the right one, for our needs.  Kind of important now, since we have a new camera, and Sara won a GoPro from an event at work.  Something else new, and to mess with.  That should be fun.

Now, in case you have`nt figured this out yet.  Things have been breaking, or we were forced into doing things different.  So, in the light of all of the events, and age.  We got rid of the power boat.  It served it`s purpose for the time being.  We re structured how the company is run, so why not go for it all the way.

We ordered a new one on June 6th.  D-Day!  It was supposed to be done by the middle of August, end of the month at the latest.  Well, as of this week, it is going to come home to us on the first week of September.  That, is going to be painful.  A whirlwind of work for a couple of days, and thrown right into the fire with the fall season.  Either way, it is expensive!  But exciting at the same time.  Our schedule is looking really good, with just a handful of days left to fill.  So, those that were given the option to come, and decided not to, you are going to miss out on some maiden voyages.  Oh, and a couple of TV shows too!

There you go!  By the time D-Day comes to the house, we should have a new computer, and will introduce her to the world.  For now, paying tribute to the old…Have a good weekend…



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