“Old Friends”

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Had a long week.  Had some things break, had some company for a couple of days, fixed broken things, and dealt with the health stuff.  Some old friends came for a sleep over and some supper.  Had some good conversation, and a day on the water.  Getting harder for the young man to fish, but we manage.  Either way, the dynamics have changed, and we hope to spend more quality time outdoors, rather than just being focused on killing fish, and the stress that comes with it.  Seems as we age, priorities begin to change.  Tough when you feel crumby, but try to enjoy the moment still.

Boat`s back at the dock, everything is rigged and ready.  Should be a good week, with good tides, and plenty of fish around.  Going to rest some, wait for this full super moon, lunar eclipse thing, and watch football…9-23-15 post

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