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Some much needed rain is here!  Not a lot, but right now, anything helps.  Creeks are sure low and clear.

This has been one Hell of a week for us.  All kinds of crazy stuff.  Sara is on here way home, and ready for a much needed break, and a week to herself.  Having a nice, “CALM”, and quiet weekend would sure be nice.  Just be able to be outside, relax some, and enjoy some peace around the place.  A long story, just need a break…

For now, when you found some fish, we just ripped them up, and leave.  That has been the nature of the beast.  Guys and gals are getting everything set for this fall.  Hope to be full soon.  Here is a new guy, Roger, with one of some we caught yesterday.  Kind of a fun day, and we solved a lot of the worlds problems.  Now he is off to surgery, and when he recovers, we hope to see him again…blogroger2015

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