Return Of Winter!!!

Here we are…In the beginnings of the return of winter.  We had a couple of weeks of amazing weather.  Giving us a false sense of spring time.

Many of the plants have buds, and lots of the bulbs are out.  Told everyone it was going to snow, just as the daffodils get close to blooming.

This up and coming next few days look to be a little sporty.  Rain began yesterday, and tons of rain and wind today.  Snow level going to sea level, with a bunch of uncertain scenario`s.  For us, here in the coastal hollar, it is likely to blast us.  Just need to keep everything warm, and make sure we are all safe.  The funny part is, the vacationing neighbors are here.  They are way past due to see what the weather does around these parts.  Hope it just kicks our ass, so they get to freak out a little bit.  Enjoy, city dwellers!

For now, back to fishing, once the holiday weekend is gone.  Going to be an interesting one.  Cool, wet, white, blowy?  We`ll see.

For now, here is a nice pleasant, sunny, and warm shot from the other day.  P1010164

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