Ridin` Dirty!

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Seems like winter is finally here.  Freezing cold temperatures.  Followed by a pretty decent amount of snow load.  Then, the typical hit of heavy rain and winds.  Been going through the winds and rains over the last few days now.  All of the streams along the coast, and inland are completely blown out.  Many near flood stage.  As this is being written, we are in the beginning of another round of heavy winds and rain.  Supposed to blow around 50, with gusts to 100.  Fingers crossed, for minimal damage.  So, as it stands, another round, she is a comin`.  Blowing now.  This winter has been a long one for us, and others.  Hard times to be guides for sure.  Hopefully, the weather calms soon.  But, for now, we are out until we see some sunny days.

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