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This winters season was a tough one.  Not just for us, but for many, and in many different ways.  Weather was a huge factor.  A little more than normal.  Bookings were also off a little, so that made things a little more stressful.  Between the two, among other things, the river pressure when fishable was very high, and it still is.
 As the season progressed, we were getting many more reports and calls about the river pressure.  Quite a few, including ourselves, are concerned.  Not only with the pressure on the river, but with shady fishing practices as well.  So, here is our take on the situation, and what we do know, and some of our thoughts.
  As a work group member, before broodstock, we had some major concerns about the added pressure to the stream.  We have worked since the 80`s to rebuild our wild stock of Steelhead, and stream enhancement.  Now, we pull them from the river, to produce hatchery stock.  Makes some sense, but at the same time, not so much.  Pressure from the river went from about 5 boats a day, to 40 or more during the Spring time fishery.  In a nut shell, it has become a problem.  Increased pressure on the wild stock, inconsiderate people, litter, theft, sabotage, and a whole lot of behind the key board bashing!  Rather than it being fun, and pristine, as it once was.  It has become a little more tense and stressful.  Both on the fish, and the fishermen.
  To keep this shorter than it could be, there is another issue that we will mention.  It has become a huge problem, and we get calls about them all the time.  One is a local sporting goods shop, and their river reports.  There have been many times, in fact often, where people want a river report, or view a report over the web.  What they encounter is generally banter, and lies about fishing and conditions.  It has been, and will continue to be a pain in the ass!  But, bottom line for us, is we cannot do anything about it.  What we do know, is that when people are inside, and not on the river, they create their own fantasy about conditions and what fishing is like.  Also, when people are hurting for money, they have a tendancy to bend the truth, and take desperate measures to increase foot traffic.
  The other issue we are having is with other guides.  Or, so called guides to clarify.  There is a new group in the area now.  Seems they have landed here for the moment.  With these select individuals, we have seen some questionable operating practices at best.  On top of law breaking, and sabotage to our trucks and boats.  Slander on top of this as well.  The part we find interesting, is that when we redo our papers for a new year, they give us codes of ethics, and all kinds of other things, that apparently mean nothing.  It is a big headed, super star world right now.  The funny part about the whole thing, is all the punks do is run from us.  They know we are better fishermen, and have longevity on them.  Even though they are the latest greatest thing, they are so threatened by other boats and fishermen, they have to race, speed, bash, glare, and show how cool they are.
  So, there you go.  Hope some of the questions we are getting are answered.  It is much larger, and if you would like to talk some, feel free to swing by or call us.  Be happy to talk over a nice cocktail.
  Just a few more days left for us, then off to Summer Time Fishing for us soon.

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