Salmon, in Conclusion…

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It seems that a lot of what we are trying to relay, is not being heard.  That is totally fine.  However, know this…We have been working on various projects for nearly 40 years now, to keep our fish, and keep them thriving.  We will continue to do so.  As always, under the radar, and expect nothing in return, other than a healthy fish population, and robust returning adults, in all forms.  Think of us as you like, but it has always been our purpose to love what we do, and love the fish.  Whether we make a living off of them, or not.

As we finalize our plan to inform, we will end this with just a couple of things, and a long time thought we have had.

With all of the factors that we have, one major factor is ocean conditions as a whole.  Dead zones are across the globe.  There are several here, in direct path of our migrating salmon.  On top of that, we have, what they call, “the blob”…The mother of all dead zones.  Placed in a very bad location, and directly in the path to the gulf of Alaska and beyond.  It expands, it contracts, and repeat…With the way the ocean currents are affected, it could be wiped out, if the currents, and other factors come together.  That being said, there is also the issue of the garbage patch.  A giant mass of swill from afar, and also from near.  Couple that with radiation from Russia and Japan, it, without a doubt is a contributor.

So, with many issues involved, and more.  For example, over harvest, pirates, fish farm pollution and disease, and you have a giant pot of potpourri.  Many things we can fix, many we cannot.  Help out to an extent, and let nature take it`s course as well.

Many years ago, there was a discussion of the salmon.  Frankly, it is a wonder that they survive at all!  But, there is a balance.  The term was, Alaska revolves around the salmon egg.  With that salmon egg, comes a defined balance.  Preserve The Balance!!!Leap #3editblog

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