Sand, Water Guns, and a Shovel…

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Just finished up the summer season around here.  Super dry weather, constant wind, very little water, and not very many fish.  You hear this, you hear that, but when you are there, you know what is happening.  Nothin`!

Crabbing in all of the bays is really good.  Fishing for Chinooks is pathetic.  Worst we have ever seen.  We pulled the plug, and are getting everything cleaned up.  A long process for sure.  Then start getting ready for the fall, bait, and everything else in between.  Yard work, tend the garden and plants, canning, and of course, more crabbing, so my mother remains calm.

Kind of fun the other day.  Took some old friends out, and ran the gear.  The little boy was wound tight, so he ran around on the sand, got good and wet, and finally calmed down near the end of the day.  We have no doubt that he slept well on the way home…

Sara is now in charge…Have a good summer!

"Got My Shovel"

“Got My Shovel”

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