Shake It Til You Make It!

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That is the slogan for the “Brian Grant” foundation…We have been super busy around this country, for sure…

Over the weekend, we fished in the “first annual”, Rick Leach Parkinsons Tournament.  Rick is part of our family, and Brian is a very good friend.  The river was, lets say, a little busy.  I could`nt resist, and had to do atleast one picture of the event.  Sara is going to do another post at her leisure, and do a photo album link to our social media sites…

For now, here is a shot of our skeleton crew!  Me, a ginger, and retired Navy dude, a young motor mouth kid, and a dude in a wheelchair!  How about that for a gangsta group?  We were loud, had good conversations and laughs, and had fun, with 1000 of our closest friends.

The Parkinsons Wrecking Crew! 2015

The Parkinsons Wrecking Crew! 2015

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