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Hey Everyone!

As we head into the Winter season, and a new year, we are going to remain a little quiet.  The social media sites remain, however, we will not be posting any interactions at this time.  Social media was to be a good network for us.  We wanted to share our lives as fishermen, entertain, and to promote what we do.  It is supposed to be fun, and a good way to advertise.  At the moment, there just seems to be too many issues, and sensitivity floating around.  This year was especially tough on us, for various reasons.  it is just time to take a break from what people now, consider normal.  A little tired of the phone, internet, social scene.  With everyone having their face stuffed into a text, or whatever.  Not trying to be negative at all.  Sharing on social media was supposed to be fun!  Currently, just a little annoying.

We strive to be the best we can be, and will continue to do so.  We work extremely hard, and expect good friends, and our family, to continue to love and respect us, as well as our decisions.  We are still here, we are still working hard, and certainly still fishing.  So, for the time being…If anyone wants to get in touch, please send us an email, or give us a phone call.  Always nice to hear from you all, from time to time.

For now, we will continue here exclusively!  It is now, officially Steelhead season.  We are going to hit the water as often as we can.  We have some new friends coming to fish with us, and many returning.  Here is to the season, and the holidays!  Here fishy fishy!blogfall2014#18

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