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An interesting day.  Our Television connection has been restored.  New, and super clean and clear.  Amazing what you can get when you have huge problems, and get into an affair with the provider.  Nice to know, that you have to pull teeth to get things fixed, after 13 years as a customer.

As for the rest.  Stormy this morning.  Lots of close lightening, and big thunder.  Love those storms, but mostly a short rest from the big heat.  Heat has always been a problem for my family.  Never have taken it well, so it was nice.  A usual Sunday for sure, but added relief, and we ended the day mostly relaxing.  It would have been a good day to nap, but still having trouble sleeping.  A side effect, that is no good from surgery.

Going to be another hot week unfortunately.  With a lot going on.  Running to and fro, getting the last of the chores done as we can, and final prep for the fall.  Canning and bait coming up shortly.

Still messing around with programs, and hopefully soon, a new computer to get some new shots circulating.  For now, guess you`ll just have to deal with modified photos.  Kind of fun anyway.

Have a good week!  We will be busy…

Sky King!

Sky King!

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