Spring Break

This is Sunday.  A slow day for us.  Kind of tired, and just hanging out.  Spring break week is nearing the end.  As always, traffic all over, and heavy volume on the road.  It is winding down.  We sort of walled ourselves in, and did not go out.  Now, the beginning of a new week, and can venture some.  Fishing some of the last trips of winter steelhead coming up.  Two more weeks to go.  This coming week looks to be a bit wet.  Going to bust ass around the yard tomorrow, then back to fishing.

As we wind down on the steelhead, we are gearing up for the summer.  Summer Steelhead, Spring Chinooks, Crabbing, Bottom Fish in Yaquina, Clams in Netarts, and possibly a couple of trips over East.  Thinking about Wickiup, and maybe an old school trip over to Owyhee for some Crappie.  If anyone wants to take some time, and jump in, just let us know…

For now, the last focus on the winter fish, then onto Chinooks…blog2015patnick#1

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