Steelhead Season!

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OK…Here we go!  Our neat little cold snap is currently leaving us.  Finally!  It was a tough one out here for us.  Those of you that checked up on us, Thankyou…The only thing we need is a couple bottles of something tasty.  Tell us when you are coming, and we`ll have the bonfire going.     Over the last several days, we sent out an email blast to past customers, and friends.  Some of you we have recently seen, some of you, we have not seen for a while.  And, for anyone new, that might like to come fish with us, we have space.  All of you who visit the site, please get in touch.  It is time now, to get back to a little normal, spend some time on the river, and relax some.  We`ll take the rain and 40`s, over single digits any day.  This season should be good.  Shoot us an email, hit us up on social media, or give us a phone call.  We`ll get everything set up, and get out of our cabin fever funk…

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