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We want to Thank each and every person who came to fish with us recently.  It has been a tough road for us, as of lately.  A ton of changes, not just with us, but for many others as well.  Since the economy issues, we are still in the middle of recovery.  Without dedicated customers and friends, we could`nt have survived the blows.  You kept us afloat, and food on our table.  Now, many of you are returning, along with some new faces.  We hope you all had a good visit, and continue to come, and also help us build further by spreading the word some.  I personally, started this crazy career choice 26 years ago October.  Now that we have been full time, Sara and I, we are looking forward to thriving further.  Together, we can make that happen.  This fall was interesting.  Had some good days, and some bad, and everything in between.  Old faces and new, and some memories were made for sure.  Won`t name names, but we want to express our gratitude for spending time with us, you know who you all are.

Hope to see you soon in our boat for this coming Winter and Spring.  Stay Fishy!mustadfall#1

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